What does it mean to be worthy? What is it to know in your bones that you are enough, that you have always been and will always be worth while, and that nothing can stop you from living the life you were meant to live? Does it come from being loved, or accepted? Or is […]

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One Nation, Under Construction

I wasn’t aware of the amount of injustice that plagues us as people until it came to rule our country, and now at times, it is all I can see. Anger turned into agenda, hate becoming horticulture and growing deeper into the fiber of our children, confusion feeding them until deceit runs deep and more […]

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As I Dawned

Lately, I have been in awe at the beauty in life, in hope, and in resilience. I have lived a life filled with pain and regret and also one touched with resourcefulness, love and intrigue. Due to some incredible people I have known as well as a strong-willed perseverance, I am in a place in […]

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I was Blind, and Now I See

In the past three years, I’ve learned a lot about what it means to be religious. I’ve gone to churches, read books, sang songs, and met with many different people in coffee shops to discuss styles of worship, how to intervene when necessary and how to spread goodwill. The one thing I learned from this […]

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Call Me Conservative

My heart is burdened by the fact that conservative Christians are now being blamed for the killing in Orlando. Yes, conservative Christians have done some serious damage to the LGBT community. We have thrown people out, we have shamed our brothers and sisters, we have taken their rights away and we have looked down on […]

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Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

The semicolon in a sentence is a punctuation mark meant to signal that a thought is not yet finished, and another sentence must take place before the idea is fully realized. A sentence is written, but it must go on, for not enough has happened and the story isn’t over. An author uses a semicolon […]

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Earlier today, I read an article written by a Christian in opposition to the trans gender friendly bathroom policy that America is beginning to implement, specifically in Target. This woman justified her boycott of these bathrooms by saying that trans gender individuals were unsafe, harmful, and would lead to more rape and other crimes in […]

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